Berkeley, CA
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General Electric 6 Outlet Power Strip Black or White

Experience expanded power with the GE-branded 6-Outlet Power Strip. Featuring six grounded outlets, this extension cord transforms your regular outlet into a versatile, efficient powering station. The dynamic 2ft. range of this power strip makes it a must-have when you need power and protection from a distance. This hard usage service cord is housed in a durable PVC insulation and jacket. The integrated circuit breaker with reset switch is specifically designed to cut off the flow of electricity to your unit should it surpass the maximum amperage threshold, assuring that your unit is safe from overheating and igniting. The included keyhole slots on this extension cord make it a breeze to mount to a wall, desk, workbench or counter. No more fumbling with your power strip? create a permanent plug-in for your various electronics or remove your unit for use during the holidays or special occasions to power your lighting displays or decorations. Get the most from your outlet with the GE-branded 6-Outlet Power Str
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