Berkeley, CA
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Brundo Ethiopian Spice Company

6419 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609
Brundo prepares and imports organic herbs, spices, legumes, and exotic blends that are essential for the preparation of Ethiopian food.
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About Brundo Ethiopian Spice Company

We harvest hand picked, sundried unique herbs, spices and legumes. Our special spicy blends like Berbere, shouro, Mitmita and Awaze sauce are new exquisite additions to vegetarian delicacies. We import wild herbs, heirloom tubers, flax, nijer and safflower seeds. We also import Aroma Hops (leaves, sticks and powder) for beer brewing. We also import cholestrol lowering Kosseret (herb) to clarify and season butter. Our most popular grain imported from Ethiopia is Teff, the staple of Ethiopian food. The Oakland Black Business Fund (OBBF) is a Black-led investment platform, working to empower Oakland based black-owned businesses with capital, technical assistance, and growth strategy. OBBF is the only Black-led fund that provides business grants and larger investments and addresses the historical lack of access to capital and control of real estate. Its unique approach to building entrepreneurial relationships offers a sustainable growth model for under-funded businesses. Its mission is one that we here at Brundo Spice Company wholeheartedly support, and with this new partnership, we will be able to not only voice, but tangibly show that support. As of December 2020, Brundo will donate a percentage of profits to the OBBF on a monthly basis.