Berkeley, CA
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Berkeley Organic Market & Deli

2642 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705
Closed - OPENS AT 8 AM
Locally owned organic market with all your daily essentials, groceries, and a full service deli. We welcome everyone from Berkley to shop with us!
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About Berkeley Organic Market & Deli

Two and a half years ago, Hafez Alsaidi’s father started the Berkeley Organic Market and Deli with the philosophy of providing the best possible products for customers. Alsaidi, now the manager of the store, strives to keep Berkeley residents healthy through sustainable measures. “We grew up in an environment where we value every single possession,” Alsaidi said. “We didn’t really have a lot and my father, he is very cautious about what he puts on the table and where it came from.” Touching on short-term sustainability initiatives, Alsaidi said he implements produce labeling in his store. He flags the origin of the products, which allows customers to better understand where the groceries are coming from and encourages them to choose local, organic produce. “It’s hard, believe me, it’s hard. People like to know why buying locally is worth it, and if you give them the reason why, I really do believe that they will be OK with it,” Alsaidi said.