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Dandelion Post

421 40th St, Oakland, CA 94609
We source clothing, accessories, and body products from sustainable and independent brands that showcase artistry, creativity, and craft. Est. 2015
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About Dandelion Post

Dandelion Post was founded in 2015 in Oakland, California. After 5 years in the Temescal district we closed our brick and mortar under the constraints of the Covid 19 outbreak. We strive to bring the same love and level of service to our online shop with a curation of sustainable and independent brands. We source clothing, accessories, body products, and home goods that showcase artistry, creativity, and craft. The Dandelion Post style is casually chic and free-spirited, with a rough edge or two. To this end, We carefully select every article in the shop with an eye towards quality, sophistication, and a little sense of humor. Our hope is that the items you find in our shop will be well-loved and get a lot of use. Owner Jaime is a maker at heart. She learned to sew at age seven, sparking a life-long interest in craft and design. She will choose the humble chocolate chip cookie over any dessert unless there is a peanut butter cookie in the mix. Her oldest article of clothing is a fitted v-neck sweater that was once black and is now bluish. It's still in her closet because it is a timeless piece that once belonged to her mom