Berkeley, CA
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Laurel Burch Studios

1345 Eighth St., Berkeley, CA 94710
Closed - OPENS AT 10 AM (TUES)
Fashion accessories store in Berkeley, California
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About Laurel Burch Studios

Laurel’s story began in the 1960s when she first created stunning jewelry hammered out on the back of a cast iron pan to support herself and her baby daughter. Despite her lifelong struggle with osteopetrosis – a rare disease that caused her to suffer more than 100 bone fractures – she lived an enviable life with extraordinary joy, undiminished gratitude, and a contagious positive spirit that continues to inspire people today. The many moving stories about giving, receiving and sharing Laurel Burch designs are a reflection not only of the woman herself, but of all the collectors, fans, and kindred spirits who are drawn by her spirit as well as her designs. Many a kitchen shelf is graced with Laurel’s delicately gilded coffee mugs. Her collectors and fans adorn themselves with Laurel’s trademark cloisonné earrings, wear shirts emblazoned with her mythical animals, tote treasures in silkscreened bags, and wholeheartedly embrace her magical designs that communicate in the universal language Laurel speaks fluently – the language of the heart. Laurel’s stream of ideas, her fantastic mythological creatures, her imagination that never stopped, the wonders she created in her paintings, jewelry, and writings – are now part of her legacy!