Berkeley, CA
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Make Your Own Instrument in Berkeley

No. 1
Deluxe Thumb Piano Kit
This thumb piano kit is fun do-it-yourself project. Learn some simple woodworking skills as you assembly your own musical instrument. Makes a great project for kids. What's Included: * All pre-cut wood parts * Musical Hardware * Decorative Rosette What you need at home: * Yellow woodworking glue (titebond or elmers) * Hammer * Screw Driver * Sandpaper (coarse and fine grits) * Varnish
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No. 2
Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit
Bring back the nostalgia of old-timey music boxes, but this time, you're the music master! This Music Box Kit will have the musician in your life giddy with childhood excitement! The easy to use Music Box hole puncher allows you to create your own melodies on lined paper strips and play them on the mechanism provided. Whether you're composing the next haunted music box tune or a charming romantic melody, we provide the classic Happy Birthday song to get you started! Compose your own music box melody! Easy to use music box hole punch, sheet music strips, and music box mechanism! Are you a musician, crafter, or tinkerer? You can become a music box composer with this easy to use Music Box Kit. Delight your family with this charming music box and your own unique melodies!
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No. 3
Make Your Own Ukulele Kit
Make Your Own Ukulele Kit contains everything you need to make a Ukulele. This DIY kit contains all the pieces for your instrument and features smooth, unfinished wood to paint and decorate as you like. Set components are made from ABS, basswood, poplarwood, nylon, carbon steel, and latex wood glue. Of course, full instructions included.
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No. 4
Make Your Own Harmonica Kit
Make Your Own Harmonica, then discover the classic wind instrument enjoyed by so many musicians. This kit contains everything needed. Components are made from ABS and stainless steel. The finished piece is a 10-hole diatonic harmonica, 4.13" long.
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