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DIY Kits To Try This Year 2021

No. 1
Diy Kombucha Starter Kit (Pickup Only)
Preserved's Kombucha Kit can be used for making batch after batch of kombucha at home! It comes with a gallon glass fermenting jar, heirloom kombucha SCOBY culture, organic sugar, organic black tea, reusable cloth tea bag, cotton muslin cloth cover and an illustrated recipe guide. About Preserved: Our mission is to nourish and enrich our community through traditionally preserved foods and flavors; to share in the nostalgia of these ancient traditions and enjoy their healthful benefits. We aspire to create a community resource to empower and inspire a greater connection to food.
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No. 2
Moon Magic Botanical Incense DIY Kits
Craft your own incense cones! This is an easy to do kit, a fun gift or just a great craft time, that comes with everything you need. Calm: This kit is a deep breath, calming, mildly sedative to aid in efficient stress management. Heart: The heart incense kit is created to support and open the heart physically, emotionally and spiritually. To help you live your best life ever with loving intention and compassion in each moment. Desire: This kit is a special blend to aid in getting your sexy time on! The more senses involved in creating an erotic environment the more pleasurable the experience. Provoking passion and energizing libido, this yummy incense is for lovers. Dream: This blend is for dreaming, lucid dreaming, divine visioning, dream recall, astral projection. (Make sure your Incense is not burning while sleeping!) Manifest: This blend is for manifesting, creating a sense of clarity and direction to aid in propelling your dreams forward with intention. Manifest your best life ever! Each kit makes between 8-15 cones. Handmade with pure joy in the USA. Purely natural, no artificial fragrances.
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No. 3
Diy Fermenting Vegetables Starter Kit (Pickup Only)
Preserved's Fermenting Vegetable Kit can be used for making kraut, kimchi, kosher-style dills, mixed pickles, hot sauce, preserved lemons and more! It comes with a gallon glass fermenting jar, ceramic pickle weights, fermentation airlock lid, storage cork, sea salt and an illustrated recipe guide.
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